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CHARACTER NAME: (Sir)  Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing
SERIES: Hellsing
CANON POINT: After releasing Alucard from the basement of her Manor.
LOSS: Integra will lose the memory of what her father looked like before getting sick. This will affect her by both making her feel uneasy and wondering what more she could of done, even so young, to try and see the signs and to help him, in some way. The strong man who raised her will be replaced with a sickly one, and she may end up insecure about her health herself, in some way.


Integra Hellsing does well to live up to her name even at such a young age, which in its root Latin form means ‘morally uncorrupt in thought or feeling.’ Integra is also present in the phrase “Igne Natura Renovatur Integra”, which supposedly has a connection to Alchemy. (The phrase on Alucard’s coffin, “The bird of Hermes is my name, eating my wings to make me tame”, appears in the Ripley Scroll, which is also a alchemical text.) She has a set of morals that she holds onto dearly and is extremely loyal to Country, Queen, and her family name as well as the Hellsing Mission to erase evil from the world. She acts very mature for her age, having been forced to grow up fast in a world of defeating the supernatural and being groomed as the heir of the leading organization to do so. After her father died and she was officially named the leader of Hellsing, Integra had the great and heavy responsibility of protecting England from ‘Freaks’ placed on her shoulders. Underneath the guiding advice of her butler Walter C. Dornez she bears it, a child’s stubborn streak and a iron will getting her through long nights of staying up late and reading long (and honestly boring) files as well as facing down her enemies, never giving up even when the situation looks it’s bleakest.

While her burden is large for someone so young, it is only added onto by those around her. As a child (and on the occasion to some of her more unsavory contacts, as a female) people find it hard to take her seriously. It is not known why she takes on the title of "Sir", rather than the usual female equivalent of knighthood of "Dame", but it may be to attempt to gain equal footing with the Knights of the Round Table, all who are much older men than she. Thus Integra has to harden herself to the point of almost cold arrogance, demanding respect for who she is and the organization she leads rather than seeking it. She has been known to drop such defenses when she’s by herself or with people she can trust, but now with a vampire on her hands, showing weakness, even if he is bound to her and unable to bring her harm, is not something she intends to find herself doing anytime soon as she learns just what kind of monster she has become the master of.

Religion and Integra

Integra's beliefs in Christianity lie in Protestantism, though of which denomination is never mentioned, besides being Anglican. This puts her at odds with the Vatican, which also has a demon and heretic hunting unit known as the Iscariot, or Section XIII (Thirteen). Hellsing and the Iscariot have many similar tatics in fighting the supernatural, including using their most prized members- Alucard for Hellsing, Father Alexander Anderson for Secton XIII - to go after the monsters that threaten the people. However, one of the most significant differences in their doctrine lies in the fact that Hellsing removes vampires and monsters for what they 'do', while the Catholic Church does the same for being what they 'are'. In short, Hellsing only goes after vampires when they threaten the people, the church, or the British Crown and otherwise leave them be, while Iscariot will go after them for just being undead "Freaks".

At the time Integra becomes head of the Hellsing Organization, there seems to be little conflict with the Vatican. As noted in the manga, they both have 'territories' in England that seem to be loosely defined, but the cause of a terse peace between them.

People and Integra

When she was young, possibly during childbirth, Integra Hellsing's mother died. She is raised by her father Arther Hellsing and the family butler, Walter C. Dornez in a large mansion with likely little social interaction with those her own age. Her father doted on her, and taught her personally the lessons on the supernatural that she would need to know for taking over the household, most notably always coming back to the topic of Vampires. Walter took care of her as well, making sure she had everything she needed and, as she grew older, was able to defend herself. She is shown to be able to shoot a gun as young as the age of twelve, and later in the manga when she is older, fighting with a sword with finesse that takes years upon years to develop. She is in all sense a spoiled child, who has whatever she needs and wants at beck and call, but also seems to be constantly pushed in studies and knowledge of not just what Hellsing does, but assumably how the politics of the world around her work as well as what a normal child of her status would learn.

In her family, notable members also include her grandfather, Abraham Van Helsing, and her uncle Richard Hellsing. The former is the man who killed Dracula, according to Brad Stoker's novel, but it appears that he did not do so, instead chained the vampire to his bloodline and made him serve, supposedly by alchemical and magical means. Her uncle, Arther's brother, was a jealous man who wanted control of the Hellsing Organization and the household. By Alucard's comment that Richard's blood was 'too foul' to be able to hold control over him, it is implied that he was born out of wedlock, therefore did not really have hold of the Hellsing name like his brother did. In a time and place where bloodlines were very important, even outside of the supernatural ability to control Alucard, something like that is a very big deal to a family name.

Masculinity and Integra

Raised in a household comprised of mostly males as her caretakers, around militant groups and with a zelot doctrine to live by, Integra, even from a young age, was not quite so feminine as girls as her age. By twelve she could shoot a gun with surprising accuracy and was fencing, and much of her knowledge of common subjects, the supernatural, and the state of affairs were well ingrained in her mind. After her father died, she began to interact with members of a group called the Knights of the Round Table, all which could not believe that a young child was the new head of household, much less a female one. To deal with this, she puts up a front of cold haughty arrogance to deal with these kind of people, and command their attention at the meetings, despite the difference of age. At some point in time, she changes her clothing to reflect this - At her first meeting with Mr. Pennwood, a man who her father often dealt with, she has already pulled a jacketover her shirt and switched her ribbon that she wore around her neck to a ascot. The change to pants, her habit of smoking Hendi Winzermans small cigars, and her sharp tongue and arrogance likely came not quite long after.

ABILITIES:In the manner of the supernatural, she has no abilities of her own that she can really use; More accurately she’s the key in unlocking Alucard’s full potential. Integra controls the vampire with a no-longer remembered sealing technique because of her bloodline and position as Hellsing Organization’s Lord and Master. The seal is held by her blood and heartbeat, so as long as Integra lives the Vampire is her weapon to do as she wills with. Besides making sure that Alucard complies with orders, the seal s also hold back his power with what is known as ‘control art restriction techniques.’ While he can release some of these restrictions himself, it is Integra that has to open the last lock, or Number Zero, through verbal permission to grant Alucard full access to his seemingly unlimited powers.

Integra is an excellent marksman as has only recently picked up fencing, but is quickly becoming well versed in that as well. However, she has neither weapon on her when she arrives in the game.

'Breath...Exhale. Ok, now look around.'

She had known from the moment wakefulness had touched her mind that she was neither in her bed or in the back of the car Walter had been driving, homebound from the hours long Round Table meeting. Integra found herself automatically reaching for the presence that had taken up space in the back of her mind for security, for seals and invisible fingers to pull on the blood-bound monster that served her even though the disorientation. 'Alucard what...'

But he wasn't there either, Integra could not feel the vampire, and that was far more concerning as the soft, peaceful warmth of the sun shining down on her body. The girl shot up from her spot on the soft grass at the thought that he could be loose- She was alive, and hadn't released any seals, it should not be possible that he wasn't at her beck and call.

Integra pushed herself up to stand, ignoring how bad she felt in favor of looking around, finding a journal on the ground near her feet and looking to see no signs of anyone around, though there was a castle not but half a mile she could see in the south.

If this was a kidnapping, it was not a very good one. Integra slowly starts to move around, the journal picked up because of the familiar symbol on it, something she holds tightly on to as the blonde picks her way though what she now recognizes as a garden of some sort. But still more questions came... Walter would not just drop her off in the middle of nowhere, would he?

God Bless the poor unsuspecting soul she ran into as she looks around, the twelve year old meeting any sort of hospitality with a obvious bristle and a ice-blue stare.

"You there!" She barked, and despite all of her bravado there was no hiding how scared and confused she was, even under a angry bristle. "What's going on here? Where is Walter?!"

First her father's death, her uncle's attempt to kill her and now this; It was just really, really not Integra's month.

[Desperate times call for desperate measures. As much as Integra has always been cautioned away from strangers, this wasn’t a controlled environment, not the mansion where she could control things. She takes her time to pick her words carefully, wanting to come off older than her age, to be able to be taken more seriously. She can do this.]

I am sure if I said that this is not where I am suppose to be, I would be told that most of the people here are in the same situation. I will ask this, then; What do we know about this castle, and why were we brought here?

...On a side note, I am looking for my butler, Walter C. Donez. I am not sure if he would be here in this place, but it would not hurt to try, now would it?

My name is Sir Hellsing. If you know it, we should speak.

INTENT: I’ve loved the Hellsing Manga and the Anime Adaption to it for a while. Playing Integra struggling to come to terms with the power she has in her hands now, and growing up along with all of that is something I have enjoyed when I play her, and hope to do again.


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